The Technology Needed to Fix America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

One of the big campaign promises made by now President Donald J. Trump during his campaign was to do something about America’s crumbling infrastructure. To put it bluntly, it is a ... Continue Reading →

Social Media Is Important to Your Online Business

There is a very good chance that you have at least one social media account. If you don’t, you probably know someone who does. Social media is used for a wide variety of purposes ... Continue Reading →

Top Tech Gadgets to Get Excited for in 2017

As a student in the online health informatics degree program at the University of Cincinnati, you probably take a strong interest in tech gadgets that can make your life as a student ... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons Everybody Should Consider Getting a Computer Science Degree

We’re currently living in the digital age and the demand for computer science majors is greater than ever. Technology is part of everything we do and it is infiltrating almost ... Continue Reading →

Thinking of Downloading the Hoverwatch Mobile app? Here’s Everything you should know

It’s every parent’s nightmare when they pick their children’s computers or other devices and stumble upon disturbing content. It could be pornography, it could be violent content, ... Continue Reading →

Must-Have Features for a Garden Hose Fitting for Techies

People have a lot of different reasons for getting a fitting for a garden hose. For example, a fitting can connect two garden hoses together to make one long hose. This hose may be ... Continue Reading →
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