Samsung Flexible OLED

Samsung Phones With Flexible Display By 2012 – Battles Nokia’s Kinetic Display

“Flexibility” – I think this will be the next big thing that will be used by most of the leading mobile phones in 2012 – possibly. Since Samsung recently announced ... Continue Reading →
Facebook Security Wall

Facebook “Trusted Friends” Feature To Unlock Forgotten Password

First before we go deeper into this new “soon” Facebook feature “Trusted Friends”, how old are you now and since the time you had your first best friend, did ... Continue Reading →
iPhone 4S Reported Battery Problem

iPhone 4S Now Known Issue: Battery Life Drops 10 Percent Every Hour

Apple iPhone 4S end-users are now complaining about an estimate of 10-percent (10%) drop of their phone’s battery life every hour even though it is on standby mode.  I totally ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 – Nokia’s First Real Windows Phone Now Hits UK, Philippines in 2012

Nokia World 2011, London – Along with the good news unveiled in this prestigious event is the latest and first real Windows phone from Nokia – Nokia Lumia 800. A while ago, ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Kinetic Concept Phone

Nokia Kinetic Concept Device: Bend and Twist Your Device

Nokia World – This is going to be one quick post in accordance to the recent Nokia World event. We’re now looking into the future Nokia device but of course we’re ... Continue Reading →
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