Unlocked iPhone 4S Pre-Order From SG For Php 32,192.00

Apple iPhone 4S, the latest iPhone from Apple which was announced officially earlier this month when all  the people of the world thought that Apple will be announcing the latest and next iteration of iPhone – iPhone 5.  However, it’s not that bad after all if you think about the enhancements made on this phone – it’s just amazing, especially with Siri around working with iOS 5 and dual-core A5 chip.  So after it was officially unveiled to the world, people here in the Philippines have been talking where and when could they get their own iPhone 4S.  Although iPhone 4S is still not available on our local Apple retailers here, Pinoys can now place an order of unlocked iPhone 4S from Apple Singapore and the price starts at SGD 948.00 (or from the current conversion, it will be equivalent to Php 32,192.00) at 16GB.

Buy iPhone 4S Unlocked iPhone 4S Pre Order From SG For Php 32,192.00

Courtesy of Apple Store SG

iPhone 4S 16GB Unlocked iPhone 4S Pre Order From SG For Php 32,192.00

Courtesy of Apple Store SG

Here’s the iPhone 4S price matrix (based on the current FOREX conversion):

  • 16GB: SGD 948.00 – Php 32,192.50
  • 32GB: SGD 1,088.00 – Php 36,946.70
  • 64GB: SGD 1,238.00 – Php 42,040.50

Unfortunately, shipping of this unit is not yet available according to the online store. But if you have relatives or friends from Singapore, you can ask them to ship it for you. That is if you really don’t want to wait until iPhone 4S’ available here in the Philippines – probably before the end of this year. With the price matrix above, it is possible that once iPhone 4S is available here in the Philippines it will be close to it.

In the Philippines, the official Apple iPhone 4 carrier is Globe Telecom and having said that I am thinking that they will still be handling the iPhone 4S and bundled it with their Post-paid plans.

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