Sony SmartWatch Pre-Order At £58.32 From Clove Technology

Clove Technology is now offering pre-orders of Sony SmartWatch from their online mobile store. This is the information I got from Chris Ward of Clove Technology. Earlier this week I posted the latest and promising Android watch from Sony which reminds me of Apple’s iPod Nano.  And just the other day I was told by Chris Ward of Clove Technology that they are now offering pre-orders for those interested buyers of Sony SmartWatch from their website. The price of this Android Sony Smartwatch from Clove Technology is £58.32 or USD $107.20 as of writing this article.  But note that the colored wristbands are sold separately.

Sony SmartWatch From Clove Sony SmartWatch Pre Order At £58.32 From Clove Technology

If given a chance I would love to give this Android watch a shot, I am just going to wait for some reviews once it is officially released and shipped here in the Philippines (I might consider ordering this online from offshore).  With Sony SmartWatch you can now clip your watch on any strap where it could fit – whether on your belt, bag or even get your own customized wrist band.  With the power of Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry now about missing any messages or calls while your Android phone is 10m away from you.  Your SmartWatch will do the notification while you’re not holding your phone.

[Source: SmartWatch from Clove]

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