Google Maps Comes to The Rescue For Buggy iOS 6 Maps

After Tim Cook’s apologetic letter was released by Apple about the unfortunate turn outs of the company’s very first map app, Google Maps offers their humble service for iOS 6 users.  It was just a few hours back when Google publicly published a post to aid iOS 6 users who wanted a map app on their devices such the new iPhone 5.  This is so kind of Google for them to offer their services for those who are in need of their map application.  Even Tim Cook recommends for iOS 6 users to download and use other alternative map applications for their hand held devices while they are fixing all those found bugs with their very first map app.  One of which he mentioned was the Google Map.

Google Maps Comes to The Rescue For Buggy iOS 6 Maps Google Maps Comes to The Rescue For Buggy iOS 6 Maps


How To Install Google Maps For iOS 6 Users

1. Assuming your device is connected into the Internet, open your Safari browser application.

2. Go to the URL bar and go to then once you have reached the page tap the Share button.

3. Then look for the “Add to Home Screen” and tap it.

4. Next is to tap “Add”

5.  Then the last step is of course tap the icon to open the Google Map application.

You can go to Google where the company have posted this instructions on their Google+ account.

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  1. Dhvanesh

    Oct 25. 2012

    I have added Google mobile maps app on home screen of my iPhone. What I like the most about this app is recently added street view feature. It gives truly amazing maps experience.

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