5 Most Wearable Gadgets of 2014

Each potential anticipation has been surpassed by the rapidly moving technological world rapidly than what we’d envisioned. The new tendencies in technology have already been remarkable under every market.

The broadly spread smartphones also, have become old with the new upcoming inventions. The present scenario is filled with devices which one can track things like cellphones, physical actions, wellness and considerably more.

The recently concluded MWC 2014 featured various wearable tech gadgets which reveals major progress in this generation technology. Below are several of them, that could alter the data in the year 2014.

Google Glass 2

Google Inc. has really been the leader in regards to wearable gadgets. Google started the first glass before and now it is back as Google Glass 2 which is a wearable gadget with the substantially improved next generation.


The updated version has tons of improved characteristics inside, that could make life too simple for us. The person who will wear this Glass won’t be any lesser than a spy.

The Glass 2 can give complete information about any item in the world, while you are in a foreign terrain could direct your way, could bring the cooks and much more.

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

The Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. stole the show with its Gear 2 and Gear Neo 2 smartwatches which are wearable gadgets at the MWC 2014. All these are the first smartwatches which have an OS.

The Gear 2 smartwatche comes with the Tizen OS, which lets you play it as well as providing synchronization to your own Samsung smartphones that are high end.


LG Lifeband Touch

LG Electronics Inc. is also known as among the stalwarts in the technology market. The most recent wristband in the LG called Lifeband Touch is a good example of the classy technology in the tech giant that was leading.




An impressive OLED display which connect to your own smartphones is featured by the Lifeband touch, but can track your biometric data at the same time.

It’s buttons and detectors for receiving calls, music control, physical action measures and in addition, it features a detector that’s effective at turning the group on and off with your wrist’s motion. Now, this truly seems excellent in my experience!

Sony Core

The Sony Corp has its name registered overly in this list which can also be treated a wrist band. It’s quite much like that but has tons of difference.

ThisCore band comes loaded with the android app called Lifelog, allowing the users to scroll their history to and fro. The Sony Core band’s primary slogan will be to keep you advised about life events, your physical actions, tasks and lifestyle also.

Nike Hyperdunk+

Now guys, if you are a basketball freak human being and wanna train yourself on your own then these shoes are made for you only from Nike.


The new generation shoes in the sports business can maintain the records of other stats, jump height and your speed which can help you enhance and could provide you with the crucial details about your game.

With the presence of new inventions, the broad smartphones have become traditional. Today, people are buying wearable gadgets to control their smartphones and manage their wellness and physical activities. Some of the wearable devices that are known to be game changers are Google Glass 2, Samsung Gear 2, Sony Core, LG Lifeband Touch and Nike Hyperdunk Plus. To know more, visit appcessories.

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  1. Khalid

    Jun 24. 2014

    Great post as always ! I love your way of writing 🙂 its like a great inspiration for me. Carry on this same type of work ! I just want more and more updates from you !

    You have gained a subscriber and a reader now ! Great work!


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  2. Prateek

    Jul 06. 2014

    Nice article Pulkit, smartwatches continue to the most wide sector in wearables while others are yet developing. I am quite surprised that you have not included Moto 360 in your article.

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  3. Enstine Muki

    Jul 13. 2014

    Well, I think wearable gadgets is the thing which is going to boom the next year very soon, I personally feel that thing.
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