6 Tips to enjoy safe taxi ride in another country

Taking a taxi ride cannot be very easy in every country. Illegal drivers tend to cheat the passengers by over charging and safety issues are another concern all together. Just waving the cabs cannot be the safest option. So what to do when you are stranded on some place which you have no idea about and no personal transportation? It can be taxing at times and can land up people in difficult situation. So what should they do? A few points should be kept in mind while hiring a taxi service in foreign country.

6 Tips to enjoy safe taxi ride in another country

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If you are going on a vacation to a foreign country or for some study purpose, one should plan beforehand about the trip. Having an idea beforehand about where you are travelling is a must option. One should try and find about the taxi services in that country and about the minimum rates prevalent there. It helps the passenger to avoid any unnecessary charges during taxi rides in foreign countries.


Usually in various countries, taxi stands are available on various street corners. Cabs available on such stands are the genuine ones since they are approved by the Government of that country.


These days’ credit cards are the most viable option for payment purpose. In certain countries taxi services are a little reluctant to accept credit cards and demand cash. But Chicago taxi services are well equipped to accept credit cards from their passengers. It is considered quite fair to pay a tip of about 7.5% while making payment via credit cards to cab drivers.


This actually comes under planning beforehand about the journey. One can use internet for this purpose. They can even choose to ask the hotel managers where they would be staying about the reliable taxi services. One can also use the Universal taxi Booking Service Application.


The passenger should always take down the number of the taxi they are riding in. While driving or before getting into it, they can also ask the driver about various details like his name or his license.


Hailing a taxi in a new country for the first time can be a bit intimidating. Some drivers majorly in central London are the friendliest folks to drive with. Striking a conversation with the cab driver can be really helpful in such situations. They can also provide with some important insights about the country and information as well. Just be alert and keep your senses active to avoid any fake taxi services.

If you have booked the cab via online application then you should wait for the driver to contact you or approach themselves. There are other forms of public transportation as well. But if want to travel in a cab then you can always check out the Universal taxi services.

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14 Responses to “6 Tips to enjoy safe taxi ride in another country”

  1. DanielLee

    Jul 10. 2015

    Thanks for the excellent tips 🙂 I never order illegal taxi, I appreciate quality service and safety. I like Lyft in the USA and concerning Europe – (English speaking drivers ( professionals only ), comfortable and clean cabbies, reasonable price) –

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  2. Correy Smith

    Oct 02. 2015

    The third tip that mentioned about keeping some change is one that some friends of mine have been reminding me about doing. Mostly because of how some taxi cabs in foreign countries prefer cash. Since those countries still have one of those machines that only records the amount of mileage to charge the passenger.

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  3. Drew

    Oct 14. 2015

    Great advice not to be afraid. You are more likely to be taken advantage of if you lack confidence or seem unsure about what you are doing. Thanks for the great tips!

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  4. Andre Beluchi

    Nov 03. 2015

    Tip 5 and 6 that mentioned about keeping notes and being calm are the tips that even my mother counseled me about. Well, up to now because my wife is taking me on a trip to Costa Rica. At the moment, I’m searching for some friendly taxi services while we’re up there.

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  5. jamesrod214

    Nov 04. 2015

    I always get scared when it comes to transportation in different countries. I like the idea of taking a note of the taxi number. That’s something easy to do, and if a problem were to arise, you would know who to call. I’m going to do that next time I travel. Thanks!

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  6. Andre Beluchi

    Dec 12. 2015

    Pulkit, your tips on keeping change and researching the best cab service sounds like some pretty good advice. For me it sure does since I’ll be taking my wife on vacation to Miami, Florida. I wonder though, does that city by chance have any discount cabs?

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  7. Drew

    Jan 20. 2016

    A taxi stand could have you waiting in line for a long time but it’s your best bet when trying to find a certified driver. Many cities will have drivers trying to scam or rob you so it’s best to be on the safe side. Thanks for the advice!

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  8. Angela Waterford

    Jan 28. 2016

    I didn’t realize that some taxis might not actually be legal in different countries. We went to the Bahamas on a cruise and took a “taxi” to a location we wanted to visit. I was very wary because it was just a man with a rundown minivan, but he seemed nice enough. We were able to haggle the price with him down to a fraction of what some other travelers told us they paid with an actual taxi, so that was convenient, but it was a pretty shady experience altogether. I will definitely look for the taxi stands on the corners from now on!

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  9. Silas Knight

    Apr 19. 2016

    This is great advice for taking a taxi. It is definitely good to keep change, taxi’s do not give change. It is also really good to do some research about the other country’s traveling system. Great advice, thanks for sharing!

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  10. John

    Apr 21. 2016

    Look in any Lonely Planet guidebook ever published and you’ll find a section on “local dangers” that does exactly the same thing. Because while you may be familiar with the tactics of criminals in your own city or country, chances are you’ll be oblivious to them when you go somewhere else for the first time.

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  11. Drew

    Jun 30. 2016

    Good idea to stick to taxi stands. You have a much better chance of not being scammed that way. Thank for the tips.

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  12. larissa

    Jul 13. 2016

    Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing, this sure is helpful! Transportation should always be safety, and safety is definitely of utmost importance!

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  13. Silas Knight

    Aug 27. 2016

    These are some great tips for taking a taxi cab. Keeping change with you is a great tip. I have heard of some people really losing a lot of money because the taxi didn’t accept cards and the person didn’t have small bills.

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  14. Diana Johnson

    Feb 17. 2017

    Traveling abroad, whether for a short business trip or on holiday, often involves the use of local taxi services. Although in most cases taxi drivers are people who honestly do their job, there are some situations where the problem occurs. In this article you have shared great trips to stay safe in another country.
    Thank you for posting.

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