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How to add iPhone 5S Slo-Mo Video Recording to iPhone 5

With the launch of each new iPhone in the market, there is an increased level of zeal and anticipation found among the masses. Apple surely is the harbinger of a number of cool apps in the market. Sadly though, with each new version of iPhone getting more expensive, not everyone is able to afford them. A similar situation was witnessed when people who owned iPhone 5 were unable to put their hands on the all new iPhone 5S. The obvious reason behind this was that iPhone 5S had something unusual which no other iPhone released till date had. The ability to record videos in slow motion is what we are talking about there. So when 5S arrived with its all new “Slo- Mo Camera Mode”, Apple followers were sad that their iOS devices lacked this amazing feature.


Using this Slo- Mo Camera Mode, we can record videos in quarter of their actual speed and this will still appear normal to the human eye. This is done by recording the video at a relatively high frame rate of 120 frame pixels per sec (fps), while the regular frame rate is 30 fps for an iOS device.

This app is currently placed at $1.99 and this is undoubtedly a great deal since it is way cheaper than buying iPhone 5S. Looking at the low price as well as the usefulness of the SlowCam app, it is something which every iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C user must try.

For downloading the SlowCam app from the App Store, click on the link below;

Download Link:

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