Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network – Alternative For Google Adsense

It is no secret that more and more bloggers and website owners are looking for other ad networks as an alternative for Google Adsense. Some of the reasons were the Publishers’ dropping revenues from Google Adsense. CPC keeps on dropping to the point where almost all the clicks cost nothing at all. Not enough to buy bread. The frustration goes stronger when the blogger writes something viral, unique and an article with high-quality but at the end of the day the Publisher will only get a penny out from Google Adsense. Of course when we say the article has become viral then incoming traffic shouldn’t be an issue.

Google Adsense and a lot of blog sites out in the Internet offer tutorials and other techniques on how to properly place your ad units to earn more. One of the problems of publishers is that their readers are becoming more and more familiar with ad units as a result they tend to ignore it – blinded by ads. What if you have already exhausted almost everything and yet you are still not earning from Google Adsense? Could this be the right time to find an alternative for Google Adsense?

Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads With Media.Net

Then I guess it’s about time for publishers to try Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads which powered by as an alternative for Google Adsense.

What is Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network?

Yahoo and Bing Contextual Ads program is not yet in full-bloom and if you are one of the aspiring or interested publishers you need to fill up some form after you request for an invite.  For an overview, I suggest you watch this video below first.

So there you have it, a quick yet concise on how the Yahoo and Bing Contextual Ads Network really works. And if you have been using Google Adsense before and want to jump over to Yahoo then I don’t see anyone getting lost on how to create and implement ads.

How Do I Apply For  Yahoo and Bing Contextual Ads Network?

Like any other advertising company that is allowing Publishers to profit, an application is necessary. With Yahoo and Bing Contextual Ads Network, you need to request an invite and fill some information before you can actually send your interest. The application is not that hard to accomplish. What makes the application harder is probably the long wait. When I applied for this, I got an email that I have to wait for the next two weeks before they can check my application due to the advertising’s back jobs. I guess there are lots of bloggers who already sent their request. This long wait is not new to me as this can also happen with Google Adsense. The worst case scenario is that your application is denied after waiting for weeks.  Well, there’s nothing to lose anyway right? So I am recommending for you to give it a shot as well.

You should have a Yahoo account when you apply.

1. Open your browser and go to Yahoo and Bing Contextual Ads Network.

2. In the upper-right corner of the page there will be a button called “REQUEST AN INVITE”.

Yahoo and Bing Request an Invite

3. You just need to fill the information required from you during the 3-steps application.  You need to be truthful about the details that you will use for the application.

Yahoo and Bing Request Application

4. Once you are done, you should receive an email from Media.Net about your application.

Yahoo and Bing Invitation Email

All you have to do now is wait until your application has been approved. There you have it, another window for us publishers to earn more revenues online by blogging. We have another alternative for Google Adsense, let us just see if this is more worth it than Google Adsense.

Are you also having low income revenues from Google Adsense? And with Yahoo and Bing Contextual Ads Network, are you willing to give it a shot?

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5 Responses to “Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network – Alternative For Google Adsense”

  1. Andrei

    Nov 19. 2012

    You are right, I have a couple of blogs on WP and Adsens it’s just not working anymore…we really need something else and we need it fast especially on international blogs. On national ones it’s easier because someone from the country can come to you for advertising and buy a couple of banners, but on dot com the fight is fierce…and I wish that Yahoo and Bing network will rise, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t…

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  2. RIo

    Nov 26. 2012


    Is adsense in still working in pakistan.

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  3. saikrishna

    Dec 12. 2012

    I think This Yahoo and Bing Contextual ad system made Absence to remove permanent banning their publishers

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  4. Pawan

    Jan 14. 2013

    I heard that Yahoo ad network is not paying much CPC. Is that true ?

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  5. harry

    Mar 14. 2015

    I’ve been using as a publisher, there minimum earnings are only $10 and they do pay through paypal.

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