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Andy Samberg Impersonates Mark Zuckerberg At The 4th F8 Developer Conference

Earlier I posted one of the major highlights of yesterday’s Facebook’s 4th f8 Developer Conference which Mark calls the Facebook Timeline Views. But just a couple of hours ago, I saw this video clip from YouTube and at first I thought it was indeed Mark Zuckerberg (it’s because I am not really a huge fan of him, I only liked what he did) speaking up-front in the stage until the real Mark showed up. All along since from the beginning of the f8 introduction, the person I am looking at was the American Comedian/Actor Andy Samberg parodying the real Mark Zuckerberg. No wonder all of the keynotes he mentioned seems to be “too” odd for Facebook to actually implement such as “Slow-poke” and “I’m Not Really Friends With These People”.

Mark Zuckerberg and Andy Samberg F8 Conference

Here’s the video clip that I am talking about, introducing Andy Samberg mimicking Mark Zuckerberg from the last f8 Developers Conference.

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