Apple New iPad 3 Overheating Problem Causing Irritation To Users

Apple iPad 3 users are now facing a dilemma and it boils down (and you can take it literally – “boils“) to the “overheating” problem of this iDevice.  It was said that it too warm than the normal and nothing compared to what these users experienced with their previous iPad and more specifically with their iPad 2.  A thread was started in Apple Support Communities and was triggered by an Apple iPad 3 user with a cybername faatty. She said that she enjoyed the new features of the new iPad 3 like the screen display and how fast this device but the odd thing is it’s getting warmer or hotter after 30min of usage.  She even said that she never encountered this on her iPad 2 before.
New iPad Overheating ProblemThe thread about the new iPad 3 overheating problem is still at large causing these users to be quite irritated and felt uncomfortable while using it after a few minutes.  We still haven’t seen any replies nor official statement directly from Apple but it was already said that it is expected for end-users to experience this heating problem with the new iPad 3. This overheating problem can be attributed to the larger battery of the new iPad 3 as compared to the previous iterations of the said iDevice.

Why do the new iPad 3 has a larger battery in the first place?  Simply because of the main features of the new iPad 3 which are the Retina display which is said to be four times the number of pixels as compared to iPad 2 and another one is the 4G LTE chips; Now these aforementioned features would require larger battery and larger graphics chip to sustain a longer battery life of your iPad.

According to the report, the new iPad 3 heat or temperature specification was found to be operable within 0° to 35°C and non-operable within the temperature of -20° to 45°C.

Some are now mocking the new iPad 3 and saying that maybe this new iPad 3 should have carried the name the new “Kindle Fire” Apple version.

I do hope Apple can provide a solution for this because it’s not a good excuse that just because you have a wide range of new features on a new device, means that the comfort of using it will be compromised. A good product should provide a good quality and should exceed customers’ expectation – always.

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