Apple the New iPad 3 Prices In The Philippines

Finally, Apple’s the New iPad (also known as iPad 3) is officially here in the Philippines and priced by two of the official retailers and distributors of Apple products – Apple Philippines Online Store and Globe Telecom. On my earlier post about the official launching of the new iPad here in the Philippines, Apple stated on their official Where to buy the new iPad site that this latest iteration of iPad will be released on May 29 – and it did. You have now a choice whether you want to buy the new iPad straight from Apple Online Store Philippines or you can score it through Globe Telecom. Here’s an overview of the new iPad prices from Apple Store and from Globe Telecom.

Apple the New iPad from Apple Online Store

the New iPad Apple Store

Prices of the New iPad from Apple Store

Apple the New iPad from Globe Telecom

the New iPad Globe Telecom

Prices of the New iPad from Globe Telecom

On a quick glance, it’s obvious that the prices offered from the Apple Online Store Philippines is higher than what Globe Telecom is offering for their subscribers. One thing that contributes to the price difference is that the new iPad from Apple Store is the “unlocked” version and you are given the choice to pick your own network provider – that is if you are planning to buy the Wi-Fi + Cellular the New iPad. Unlike with Globe Telecom, of course for any of the offered Apple the new iPad comes with a contract.

Whereas if you decide to buy the new iPad from Globe plans, you can get your own device for as low as ₱ 21,990 on Plan 999 and pay it either one of the following payment methods – 3, 6, 9 or 12 months to pay at zero interest. The aforementioned price is offered for post paid subscriber and the device is the iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular 16GB. The most pricey is the Plan 499 that comes with the iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular 64GB – ₱ 39,990.  For all of the Globe the New iPad plans, there’s a lock-in period contract for 2 years or equivalent to 24 months upon purchase.

If you don’t have enough moolah, then you may want to try Globe Telecom’s prepaid plan – the new iPad 4G+Wi-Fi that comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB at a price of ₱ 30,990, ₱ 35,990, and ₱ 40,990 respectively.

For more information and/or if you are interested on buying the New iPad in the Philippines and if you want to know the prices, check out the following official Apple retailer sites.

the New iPad from Globe Telecom
the New iPad from Apple Online Store Philippines

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