Best eReader To Open ePub Files for iOS

Are you searching for the best eReader to open ePub files? I could probably recommend one I considered as the best eReader that I’ve been using to open ePub files for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Not so long ago, e-reader or eReader became popular most especially for eBooks for Amazon Kindle users, hence became the best eReader. And not so soon after that, with the fast pace growing technology, people can now read and open ePub files on iOS and Android devices. There are paid and free best eReader available to open ePub files if you search it on Google Play or iTunes. However, I only find iBooks from iTunes to be the best eReader from iTunes that can open ePub files for my iPhone.

For people who are always on-the-go living in this modern era, there are new ways now for bookworms to read books or digital books. An e-book or eBook simply stands for electronic book or an digital version of the usual printed in paper reading material we call book. Margaret Rouse explained the definition of eBook a little bit more on her blog post. So you have now an eBook, of course you will need an application for you to read that amazing book. That will be the part now where an e-reader or eReader comes to play its role. As I’ve said, an eReader is an application that will enable you to read your eBooks – anytime and anywhere.

iBooks Home Screen

You can download iBooks from iTunes so that you can start reading your favorite books on iPhone. I find this nifty iOS app helpful whenever I feel like reading my favorite eBooks. The design is simple yet beautiful and what’s important is it is easy to use. It is not rocket science really. You just need to download the iBooks application then download your favorite eBooks – that’s basically it! You can start on tapping or swiping through pages and even bookmark important pages.

iBooks LibraryiBooks Switching pages


Table of Contents

And what’s even more cool? It is when you can share your eBooks with your friends or swap eBooks. One of the most popular eBook formats is ePub. What is an ePub file? It is an Open Publication Structure eBook file. More or less another format of digital book. But sharing ePub files can’t be easily done without some little tricks. You can follow the instructions below on how you can import new ePub files to your iPhone or iPad.

You will need one more tool called iTools. It is an application you can use mainly for your iOS devices. You can do more than transferring eBooks with this application – I guess you can explore more about it once you installed it on your computer. Once you have it, you can now open ePub files shared to you by your friends through email, Dropbox, or from any other sources. By then you can start reading it with the best eReader iBooks (probably, that’s me only).

If iBooks is not the best eReader for you, can you recommend any other great application to use that can open ePub files for iOS devices?

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  1. Franc Ramon

    Mar 17. 2014

    iBooks makes the interphase like reading a real book especially the switching of pages. I’ll download one on itunes.
    Franc Ramon recently posted…Be on the Go with Soleus GO!!!My Profile

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  2. Marie

    Mar 17. 2014

    I have iBooks on my iPad, but I also have Kindle. I have more books in .mobi kasi (yes, I still use that ancient looking Kindle keyboard :))
    Marie recently posted…Give Your Memory A Boost: WeChat History BackupMy Profile

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  3. Adventurousfeet

    Mar 17. 2014

    I have iBooks in my itouch. it is very convenient for me not just for the ebooks i’m reading but it can also store pdf files. Great app!
    Adventurousfeet recently posted…SM Mall of Asia’s 5th Philippine International PyroMusical Competition 2014 – Spain vs UKMy Profile

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  4. Frank Simmons

    Mar 17. 2014

    Thanks for the video as it makes everything easy to do.

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  5. Sasha Vikro

    Mar 19. 2014

    Thanks for the artice. I use Readmill on my iphone. But now try ibooks

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  6. Halav Kevin

    Mar 21. 2014

    Thanks for this one and also for the video helped me a lot to open the files…..

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