Why We Need Antivirus Software for our PC?

Few days back, my friend bought a new PC, installed Windows and came to me to ask for the best antivirus for his system. I did help him and asked him a question that ‘Why do your ... Continue Reading →
LogMeIn Central Access Computer Remotely

How To Access Computer Remotely Behind Firewall

In my line of work, the need to access computer remotely is a must.  It’s not a choice but a must and I am not only talking about one computer here but servers and computers from ... Continue Reading →
Mozilla Firefox 7

Download Mozilla Firefox 7 Officially Released For Windows, Mac and Linux

You can now start updating your browser to Mozilla Firefox 7 or download it now from their official website. Yesterday Mozilla Firefox announced that they have launched their latest ... Continue Reading →
Angry Birds Windows Theme

Download Angry Birds Official Theme For Windows 7 From Microsoft

Angry Birds is now available for you to download and change your default Windows 7 theme. Rovio Mobile’s famous game series, Angry Birds, was first created for Apple iOS back ... Continue Reading →