Using Social Media to Actually Connect with People Again

Using Social Media to Actually Connect with People Again

Social media, like many other new technologies of this century, have gotten a bad reputation for distancing people and making real connections with people next to impossible. Many people ... Continue Reading →
PSY + Snoop Dogg + Hangover

PSY and Snoop Dogg: “HANGOVER” Watch Their New Official Video

PSY released his latest official MTV of his latest collaboration with Snoop Dogg entitled “Hangover” on his YouTube Channel. Who could not remember the South Korean singer ... Continue Reading →
FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

World Cup 2014 Official Song: Battle between Shakira vs Pitbull

There’s an ongoing battle royale on which is the best World Cup 2014 official song and it became so viral since the two songs were released on YouTube. The FIFA World Cup ... Continue Reading →
Practices to avoid on Social Media

7 Practices that should be avoided on the Social Media

Social media forums are the most effective tools for the promotion of any kind of brand. Their conveniences and functionalities are serving millions and millions of businesses to succeed ... Continue Reading →

6 Ways To Gain The Most Out Of Google Plus

Google Plus is a social networking giant, that is going to help you with enhancing your search rankings much more than even Facebook and Twitter can. And yes, it’s actually very good ... Continue Reading →
Google plus

Why Google Plus Might Be the SNS for the Biz

Google plus failed to capture the world, even after mighty try by Google to insert it, to an extent forcefully, in to Google user’s ecosystem. What caused this is rather difficult ... Continue Reading →
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