Apple Store Now On Maintenance For iPhone 5

Apple Store Now Under Maintenance Prepping For iPhone 5 And Other New Products

If you happen to drop by Apple Store ( right at this moment, you will notice that they are doing some updating on their online store.  You will see the rotating message ... Continue Reading →
HTML5 VS Flash

Flash vs HTML5 For Online Gaming

When Flash, which was created by Jonathan Gay for Adobe, was rejected by Apple in favour of the HTML5 platform it seemed a strange move on the part of the latter company. Apple and ... Continue Reading →
the New iphone or iPhone 5 packaging

Sixth Generation iPhone Will Be the New iPhone or iPhone 5?

The sixth generation iPhone that is bound to be unveiled next week, September 12, in San Francisco at Yerba Buena Center for Arts will be branded as “the New iPhone” and not iPhone ... Continue Reading →
Dress up iPhone with iPod Hoodie

Hoodies On And Dress Up iPhone With iPod Hoodie

Here’s another cool and innovative way to accessorize your iPhone and/or iPod Touch which I found this morning while doing my curating activity. How about dressing up your iPhone/iPod ... Continue Reading →
Trade In Your Old Smartphone For Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung UK Offers Free Galaxy Tab 2 For Upgrading Old Mobile Phones

Samsung in the UK now offers a new promotion to all Samsung and Android lovers by giving out free Galaxy Tab 2 for any tech-consumers who would upgrade their old handsets to either ... Continue Reading →
Video Call

4 Beneficial Reasons for Using Video Calls

A small business is always growing and striving to reach as many customers as possible, while also trying to strengthen bonds with current customers, clients, and partners. Video calls ... Continue Reading →
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