Why Do Push Notifications Matter?

Push notifications can be extremely effective at delivering information. A push notification is an alert that appears in the menu bar of a smartphone display, often restricting access ... Continue Reading →

How does a mobile phone signal repeater work?

The anatomy of a signal booster system, or how to amplify a weak signal. The basic idea of a mobile phone signal repeater is not complicated and follows from its main purpose. The device ... Continue Reading →
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DVDFab DVD Ripper Review

Now we all had that time when we weren’t so used to computers and what they were able to so whenever we wanted to grab a video from a disc we just used to copy and paste it to our ... Continue Reading →

Some computer hardware type that you‘ve always dreamed of

Computer hardware has been updated quite a lot lately, hasn‘t it? With Intel releasing a new class of i7 processors, we‘re seeing quite a few upticks in PC performance lately. With ... Continue Reading →

6 New Features Coming to Smartphones

Smartphones have revolutionized the way that people communicate and get information. With so many advances in such a short time, you have to wonder what features that smartphones will ... Continue Reading →

Common mistakes made by business owners

Learning from mistakes can be ​part and parcel of any entrepreneur’s journey. Whether it’s a first time business or a first foray into an industry previously unknown to you, it ... Continue Reading →
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