CloudFlare Still The Fastest FREE DNS Among DNS Providers

After the latest monthly survey conducted by SolveDNS, it shows that CloudFlare was the fastest FREE DNS provider among the first 20 DNS providers from the list. I have been using CloudFlare on most of my blog sites and one of them is Eyes4Tech. And so far I have been so much satisfied and enjoying the speed and savings in terms of bandwidth consumption that CloudFlare is giving me. A real speed booster for your website if you want to increase the loading speed if, I may say so. And what’s more beneficial about it is that you can register your website or blog site and enjoy the free DNS services of CloudFlare.

SolveDNS December 2012 Comparison Report

SolveDNS December 2012 Comparison Report

This is yet another glorious month for CloudFlare as they have proven once again that they are the fastest FREE DNS providers among the rest. However, comparing from the previous months’ report it shows that CloudFlare has been always on the top on the list but last month’s report shows that CloudFlare only came second by 13-milliseconds. Dyn came first at 4.38-milliseconds while CloudFlare scored 4.51-milliseconds. However, CloudFlare says that they will conduct a major DNS release in the coming months which they call RRDNS. This upgrade will add more boost and speed to their DNS services – I can’t wait for this update.

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