Download Facebook For Android Update (ver.1.8.3)

Facebook for Android pushed another update and now the latest version in the Android Market is ver. 1.8.3, the availability still depends on your device if this version is compatible on your device. There are some devices that isn’t compatible yet with the latest release so you you might not be able to download this if it isn’t meant for your Android devices.  I have updated the copy of Facebook for Android on my Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 from ver.1.8.2 (pushed earlier this month) to ver.1.8.3 and tried to see what were the changes or bug fixes Facebook developers made.

Facebook For Android ver 1.8.3

According to Facebook, this latest release of Facebook for Android have the following new features and changes:

What Is New With Facebook For Android

Here’s the only thing I noticed which I am not sure if I am the only one experiencing it. It’s about when you upload a photo to your Facebook for Android from either your Android smartphone’s camera or gallery.  The uploading seems quick which is a good sign, but the problem is when you view your feeds or your wall it’s still not there.  I tried to check the photo I uploaded to my desktop PC and there it is.  This means that the Facebook for Android still have this same old issue.  I hope they could fix this soon.

If you need to download the Facebook for Android, you can check it through this link.

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