Hoodies On And Dress Up iPhone With iPod Hoodie

Here’s another cool and innovative way to accessorize your iPhone and/or iPod Touch which I found this morning while doing my curating activity. How about dressing up your iPhone/iPod Touch – literally! The new product I spotted is called iPod Hoodie and at first glance I really find them cute but quite pricey if you ask me. But what the heck? I guess it really doesn’t matter at all if you really wanted your gadgets to look good and make you fulfilled by doing so.  The iPod Hoodie, although named for iPod it can also be used for iPhone mobile phones. And I feel like that this protective casing for iPhone and/or iPod will be more suitable for younger generations and I mean teens and teens by heart.

Dress up iPhone with iPod Hoodie

I’ve mentioned that the iPod Hoodie is available from thefancy.com for $20.00 each and below are the features and specs of this cute protective case for your iPod Touch/iPhone.

  • Light grey hoodie gadget cover
  • Fits iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone & more
  • Soft cotton material protects your gadgets

Hoodies Protective Phone & Gadget Cover Dimensions:

  • Approx. 11.5cm (4.5”) long (excluding hood), 6.5cm (2.5”) wide, 1.8cm (0.75“) deep

The owner of the online store is asking for interested buyers to allow them 2 weeks for shipping.  For more information about the cool way to dress up your iPone/iPod Touch, check the details from The Fancy – iPod Hoodie.

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