Earn Money By Getting The Best Deal And Sell Your Old Mobile Phone

Are you planning to languish your old mobile phone in an old chest box or drawer and bury it forever? Then why don’t you try to find a company where you can get the best deal and where it enables you to sell mobile phone and earn from your old mobile phone? I know for a fact that most of you guys are already doing this by selling your mobile phone online online by posting it an auction-type website. But sometimes the problem is that you don’t even know when will somebody spot that second-hand phone that you are selling and worst is if they will be more interested on buying it. And most of the time, it will take you months of waiting not knowing that your old mobile phone is not sellable anymore.  Then why not give this Sell My Mobile online a shot and you don’t have to wait that long to sell your old mobile phone.

Sell Old Mobile Phones

My Old O2 XDA and Nokia N97

If you are someone who’s looking to sell mobile handsets online then you have to read all about this website I spotted for people in the (United Kingdom) UK.  SellMyMobile.com is the official and now the top mobile phone recycling in the UK for people who want to sell mobile phone handsets.  They can provide you ALL the prices from ALL the top buyers of mobile phones from where you can select the best deal out of your mobile phone.

SellMyMobile Website

The process is actually easy when you sell mobile phone with SellMyMobile.com and you only need to follow four (4) steps and after that all you need to do is wait for your money to be delivered.

First, you have to search for your mobile phone that you want to sell from the website’s search form found on their homepage.

Search for Mobile You Want To Sell

Mobile Phone recyclers

Once you have selected the best deal you think is the most suitable and rightful price for your mobile phone then you just need to push that “Sell Now” button.  There are traders or buyers that will send payments through PayPal while others in a form of cheque – just select the one you feel is justifiable for you.

Then after you have selected a trader where you want to sell your mobile phone then you will be redirected to that company’s website (see the example below).  All you have to do is follow the instructions from that page on how you can post your mobile phone and handed it over to them.

Step 3 Selling Now Your Phone

And once you have completed everything and you already sent your mobile phone to that company then all you have to do now is wait to get your cash from selling your phone. There are times that you will receive notifications from the company about the status of the mobile phone you sent to them. The most common is the “wear and tear” issue. So my advice to you before you do send your phone, take a picture of your phone and I mean all the sides and even inside if necessary and keep it as a proof. Some companies or traders does this to give you a lower offer and deal – so protect yourself as well.

This is no scam. SellMyMobile was already featured on some reputable websites like BBC(UK), Daily Express, MSN, Telegraph, The Sun, and many more.

So why not and give it a dive instead of being so sentimental and keeping that old mobile phone, why don’t you monetize from it?


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