EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software – Review

Losing your data while formatting drives can be pretty annoying. In that situation, data recovery software products are the ones that come to rescue. EaseUS Free Data Recovery software is one such software that we are going to review today. We will look at its features and performance in recovering your files.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery software can recover deleted files from your hard drive, external USB drives, memory cards and other devices. The free version has a limitation on how much data that you can recover. It is only 500 MB initially, but you can extend this to 2 GB by sharing the software in social networks. Beyond that 2 GB, you need to upgrade to either a Pro ($69.95) or Pro + WinPE edition ($99.90). The wizard supports all file systems such as FAT, NTFS and EXT. It can recover all types of files too: audio, video, photos, emails, compressed archives and documents. With the free version, you can also export or import the scan results to save it in your drive as an .rsf file.

The EaseUS Free Data Recovery hard recovery software launches a wizard when it is started. It will ask for a location to start finding lost data. The layout is quite modern; it lists all the hard drives and storage units connected to the computer. Once you select a drive (You can select only single drive at a time), you can press the Scan button below to initiate the scan process.

The wizard will ask you a location to save the recovered files. You have to select a directory that is on a different drive than the drive you are recovering the files from. The recovery process will start and it will show the progress bar below. Additionally, after recovering you can export scan results (Save) to your drive. This lets you recover files from the same results page again without performing the scan again. This is pretty convenient.

The EaseUS Free Data Recovery is hard recovery software that is best suited for users looking for a tool to recover their accidentally deleted files. If you are looking to recover an entire drive or anything like that, you will need a Pro version. We think this is one of the best recovery tools that you can find today.


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6 Responses to “EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software – Review”

  1. Akshay Pethani

    Mar 22. 2017

    I am using the Recuva free Software to recover deleted files in my Windows 10 System. It every time gives best result to me.

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  2. Rajat tiwari

    Apr 08. 2017

    this is also a great post one thing that I like about your post is that your article has everything mention and everything is in detail…
    That’s why I love’s your way of posting….
    Keep sharing information with us….

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  3. Priyam K

    Apr 11. 2017

    Nice blog. thanks for posting this. It is very useful.

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  4. Eduardo

    Apr 17. 2017

    I’ve tried EaseUS and a few others, but Recuva is by far the best imo. Easy to use and doesn’t take too long to scan for recoverable files.

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  5. Virat Singh

    Apr 18. 2017

    Data Recovery Software. Thanks for that.
    I have used this kind of softwares earlier but was not happy with their performance.
    So can you send me some of your user reviews if possible

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  6. Andrew

    Apr 21. 2017

    wonderful..i didnt know there is a free data recovery software available…thanks for sharing it.

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