ECO-u600 Universal Power Pack: Portable Power Charger by Genius

Are you one of those tech-consumers who’s looking for a way for your smartphone or tablet to last longer than it usually does?  Then, I found one of the solutions to eliminate your frustration. The popularly known Genius presents its latest product in the market  – ECO-u600 Universal Power Pack. This portable power pack can charge your smartphone or tablet even while when you are using it. With this portable power charger, you can now use your smartphone or tablet longer without any worry about the battery life because ECO-u600 has 6800mA capacity that extends the battery life of these products. It even features two USB 2.0 ports to charge two different gadgets at the same time. The sleek black cover is perfectly suitable with your gadget.

Portable Power Charger by Genius

Features of Genius ECO-u600 Universal Power Pack:

  • Prolongs your smartphone and/or tablet battery usage
  • 6800mA battery capacity
  • 5V/1A for smartphone and 5V/2.1A for tablet usage
  • LED indicates battery capacity
  • Elegant sleek black surface
  • Easy to connect with a smartphone or tablet

The ECO-u600 portable charger by Genius is also available here locally and is priced at Php 4,490.00. Genius is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For more product information, please contact or +63-2688-3181.

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