Essential Skills and Knowledge to become an Effective Windows Admin

Nine Out of ten computers run windows! Six out of ten department servers run windows! Windows is certainly popular. However being a windows administrator is perhaps more challenging than being a UNIX administrator.


The Biggest advantage being a windows admin is that you do not have to learn from scratch. Since Windows is driven by a single entity, there is enough and more information, which you can always fall back upon. Yet it is more challenging because the windows Environment are targeted by some of the brightest hackers and crackers.

In this article, we provide some general tips you are planning a career in windows system administrator

1.       Get a Microsoft Certification

There are a number of Microsoft Certifications available. Depending on your aptitude and area of interest. You must start working towards attaining at least one. Microsoft Certifications do matter in MS technologies. It is not just the certificate that matters, but also the fact that you worked towards the certification, which means that you have spent time in gathering enough knowledge on the platform.

2.       Learn Unix Integration

3.       Learn VBscript, Perl and Python

VBscript is a must if you are a windows admin. However, these days many are looking at the open source languages such as python and Perl. Both Python and Perl have ‘batteries included’ for the windows platform. Mastering a scripting language is of paramount importance for system administrators.

4.       Learn Networking

This tip, which I should not have included. This no brainer as a top. However many administrators master operating system intricacies without learning the basics of networking. Strong Knowledge internetworking concepts is quite important.

5.       Windows Security specialist required.

Security problems often disrupt a MIS head’s slumber. Hence windows security specialists are in demand. Try to get MCSE and MCSA with security as specialization.

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