Excessive Interest of the Youngsters towards Mobile Phones

“Is it addiction or merely just an excessive interest towards gadgets such as mobile phones?”

We live in an era of technology where nothing is far and everything is associated. Here it is very natural for our teenage members of society to have an interest to the latest technologies. Yes, teenagers are the ones who generally run after the latest and hottest technology available in the market irrespective of their price. Nowadays it has been seen that the interest of teenagers are leaning towards the new technology mobile phones or the smart phones.

Excessive Interest  On Mobile Phones

The new generation mobile phones or the smart phones are nothing but featured phone having a better computing ability. The main reason behind running after these phones is their multipurpose usability. A single phone can serve many purposes. A mobile phone today is not only to make calls but you can receive your e-mails here, click good pictures and videos, can read the newspaper and e-books, listen to music and can even use it as a gaming device. When so many attractive additional features come with a single mobile phone, it is very natural for the young generation to get tempted towards it. Nowadays the application developers are building new applications to make it more attractive to the youngsters.

Now a question arises that whether this addiction or this excessive interest towards mobile phones is good or bad. There are definitely many good sides of these new generation mobile phones. If a teenager can use it properly, he or she can get good results. Good use includes use of mobile phone while studying. In fact sometimes if a youngster is lost somewhere, they can easily get out of the situation using these devices but there are many adverse effect too. Excessive use of mobile phones is affecting teenagers. It has been seen in several surveys that today’s youngsters are quite busy over the phone maximum times.

They also get tempted by the offers of the service providers. They are getting impulsive if the phone is missing. In fact most of the youngsters get super curious and aggressive whenever a missed call or text message comes. The excessive use is hampering their brain as well. As many purposes can be served using a single device the tendency of doing hard work is falling down. Sometimes they are getting depressed due to less number of calls and messages or after losing a game.

If you are worried about your kid who is a teenager and using his or her mobile phone excessively then put some boundaries on it. You can have a discussion with your kid and make him understand the bad effects of mobile phone. The use and craze of mobile phones is increasing day by day. It is really hard to stop teenagers to use mobile phones but yes, proper tips and guidance can help your kids and teens use their mobile phones in a better and useful manner. Mobile phones are the gadgets that are really important these days.

Having so many uses and fulfilling so many needs it is really important to use such a gadget so as to make your life easy and exciting. Getting your mobile phones insured will always have a protective cover and will keep you tension free when any accidents or damages happen to your precious handset.

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  1. mohit

    Jan 25. 2013

    Mobile Phones have make an amazing impact on today’s Generation.I have seen many children with age of 10 years old having mobile phones in their hand.

    Strange but true :( :(
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