Facebook For iPhone v3.5 Is Now Ready For Download

Yesterday, Facebook press released on their official fan page saying that their latest apps is now available in iTunes for download – Facebook For iPhone v3.5. It’s been two months since their last release (Facebook For iPhone v3.4) and after that release there had been so many complains and bugs found by the end users. So what are the new features of Facebook For iPhone v3.5? The main features seems to be more of a tweak because according to the developers of the said application, with the latest app you can now tag your friends and places in your posts. Another one is you can now share links (external) as a web view perspective.

Screenshot from Facebook for iPhone App page:

Facebook for iPhone v3.5

Facebook for iPhone v3.5 Screenshots

But, I am still curious because one of the issues raised by almost all end-users is the inability to post a status on Facebook wall with a remark “via iPhone”.  I am still not sure if this has been already fixed by the developers since I am not an iPhone user.

If you have tried it and it’s now working (the via iPhone thingy), you can also leave a message below.

To download the latest apps from iTunes, you can visit their official page here.

Oh yeah, before I forget this latest version will not work on iPhone with iOS 5 Beta 7.

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