First Look Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Within July 2013, Samsung is going to release galaxy S4 mini. It was expected by everyone to see the mini version of galaxy S4 because the first version got a bug display. 5-inch display is lovable to some people and some other people did not love this huge display. Carrying S4 was not easy for them who bought it and using it. Well, people can easily carry this Smartphone by holding in their hands or in the bags but in your small pocket, S4 big brother will not get enough places to stay. This is why S4 mini is coming and you can buy this cool and cute Smartphone for your daily use.


Smaller in shape

Galaxy S4 mini will have a 4.3-inch display. So the shape will be smaller and anyone can easily keep this phone in his or her pocket. It will be easier to carry it by holding in hands. 4.3 Inch is not that much smaller but if you compare to Galaxy S4 then you will get the difference of the shape.


The size of the display is already motioned. Galaxy S4 mini will play HD videos in same way as like the S4 big brother is doing. Without the shape of the display, nothing will be changed in the new Galaxy S4 mini. People who are worried and thinking that there will be massive changes should leave worrying from today. Glossy display will support everything that S4 is doing.

Processor & RAM

Samsung did not announce which processor and how many size of the RAM will be used to make new Galaxy S4 mini. There will be slight change here. As we saw that, S3 was built with a 2 GB RAM and then S# mini got 1 GB so we are sure, there will be a little change in S4 mini. Well, they will keep the standard and obviously, S4 mini will be much better than the S3 mini.

OS version

According to rumor, S4 mini will have the same OS installed in it as S4 have. Since there is no target of Samsung to reduce the advantages of working with all this new Smartphone, so Samsung will not change the OS version. Galaxy S4 has more than we need from a Smartphone but Galaxy S4 mini will have what we need. This is the simplest way of describing upcoming Galaxy S4 mini.


Samsung did not officially announce yet how much Galaxy S4 mini will cost. We did not get any good rumor yet from a good source so there is nothing can be said about the price of S4 mini. However, it is true that the Galaxy S4 mini will cost less than the S4 big brother will. Price can be reduced 100 bucks or more.


Galaxy S4 mini will mostly available on any day from the mid of June to the early weeks of July.  Samsung will announce price and everything before the release date and it will be released in USA first and then all around the world.

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5 Responses to “First Look Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini”

  1. Ronaldo Ferrer

    Apr 18. 2013

    Thanks for sharing, Pulkit! I prefer Samsung Galaxy S4 mini than its big brother. If the rumour is true that its 100 bucks cheaper than the standard GS4, then I will wait for this one. 😀

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  2. Rajesh Jhamb

    Apr 18. 2013

    Nice article…..thanks for giving us new information abour Galaxy s4 mini…. 😀

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  3. Salman Ahmad

    Apr 20. 2013

    Mini version is good, atleast it can fit in ones jeans lol

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  4. Kuldeep

    Apr 20. 2013

    Galaxy S3 Mini wasn’t a huge success. Should Samsung proceed with this? I don’t think so. :-/

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  5. Tech Junction

    Apr 24. 2013

    Good post. S4 mini will be much better because of its price and smaller screen, at least for me.

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