Games Based On Popular Television Shows

Television shows come and go, and they occasionally take the opportunity to expand the show beyond its current popularity. This is usually done in the form of merchandise, apparel, or even games. Many of the most popular television shows will release a game on multiple devices and platforms, much to the delight of diehard fans.

Generally, these games are released shortly after the television show begins to demonstrate lots of promise and high ratings, so that they can take advantage of the popularity while they can. At times, the games they release may outlive the television show itself by years- simply because playing the game is much more entertaining than watching the show itself. Check out our favorites below, and see for yourself!

1. Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune

This game show is perhaps one of the longest running game shows on the air. This is probably because the audience can always play along and have fun with their families as they watch it. The interactive game that is based on this show is nearly identical; only, you probably are not going to win cash out of it any time soon as the players do on the show. If you have been a fan for years and have been dying to get on the stage to play, this game would be great to play until your lucky day comes.

2. Deal or No Deal

deal or no deal

3. Family Feud

family feud game

With the fun nature of this game show, it is no wonder that it has been turned into a game as well. It is basically a fun guessing game, where a question is asked and the player must respond with the most popular answers. It can pass time very quickly!

4. Family Guy

family guy game

This television show has been going strong for over a decade, and it is still incredibly popular. It is an animated cartoon that is targeted towards teenagers and adults, due to its controversial nature. Even though it pushes the barriers of family friendly television, this might be exactly why it has been and continues to be so popular. They finally released a game that is based on the show, which involves a series of challenging chapters for the player. It holds true to the show’s humorous and controversial nature, providing fans with plenty of fun on a rainy day.

Any other popular games which I missed out? Feel free to comment below.

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