How is Instax 50S Instant Camera different from a GoPro?

Is Print Photography Dead?

From standard digital cameras to aerial drone equipment, the modern marketplace is home to an unprecedented array of tools for the avid photographer from the time-honored to the cutting edge. At one end of the spectrum is the state-of-the-art GoPro line, which enables recording and transmission of high definition video from a number of unique perspectives, and at the other lies the modern alternative to the traditional instant photo camera, the Fujifilm Instax 50S.


Most well-known for extreme sports videos taken from the device’s signature first person perspective, the GoPro line represents some of the most advanced digital imaging equipment on the market. The top of the line Hero4+ is capable of capturing 4K video at 60fps for unmatched image quality and super slow-mo, but even the base model Hero turns out full HD video at up to 60fps, although it lacks the wireless connectivity that enables other models to be used on a fully independent basis.


Another central feature of the GoPro line is its ultra-rugged design. GoPro units are designed to function in some of the world’s most hostile environments, and so these cameras are designed with impact and moisture resistance that makes them nearly impervious to environmental dangers. This list of features and near indestructibility means a high typical price tag for GoPro models, and so these cameras are chiefly targeted at serious photographers.

Instax Mini 50S

In contrast with the futuristic GoPro line, the hobbyist-focused Instax Mini 50S recalls an simpler age of photography by turning out pocket sized instant prints with its internal printer. Unlike the GoPro line, the Instax 50s is designed for still images only and as a self-contained system, is not compatible with Internet-enabled devices.

Instax 50S Instant Camera

Image quality with the Instax Mini 50S is more typical of conventional photography as opposed to digital images, which have much greater sharpness, contrast and clarity. However, this vintage photography system benefits from some modern upgrades such as auto-flash and an LCD status indicator screen. With its retro exterior and 10-exposure film reels, the spirit of the Instax Mini 50S is decidedly classic, and you can get a Fuji polaroid camera at Harvey Norman.

Photographers have never had more tools at their disposal, but the digital photo revolution doesn’t mean that there’s no room for time-tested methods. Instant photography has a distinctive quality that digital images simply can’t replicate, and so a modern instant camera such as the Instax Mini 50S can be an excellent complement to even the most expensive digital equipment.



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