How To Gain Twitter Followers For Your Blog

Unless you’re a celebrity like Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift, gaining followers to your Twitter account can be very difficult. Yes, it can take time and strategy, but by successfully creating a solid Twitter following you will find that your social media account can not only boost traffic to your website but also help you connect more easily with your target audience.

Of course, building a Twitter following can seem like a daunting task, however, with the right tips and tricks you’ll see your following increase daily.

How To- Gain Twitter Followers For Your Blog

Tweet Often

Studies have shown that the more you tweet, the more followers you are likely to gain. Users with less than 1000 tweets tended to have less than 100 followers, while those that have tweeted more than 10,000 times had a much higher following of around 1000-5000 people.

Now of course most people don’t have enough time to tweet every hour, but there are plenty of post scheduling tools that will allow you to spend maybe a couple of nights a week writing out your posts for the week.

It’s also a good idea to get into the habit of tweeting ad hoc when you get a spare moment, such as during your daily commute or when you’re in a queue.

Make Sure You Have a Focus

Twitter users like to follow an account with a focus, so if you plan to blog about celebrities one day and politics the next you’re going to find it difficult to build up a loyal following. Take Liverpool FC fan blog the Empire of the Kop, this blog only posts about one football team and has become highly successful on Twitter with over 1million followers. The blog is even considered one of the Top 50 football blogs in the UK. This success was achieved through a clear blog focus.

Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Others

Only celebrities manage to achieve a high ratio of followers to following, yet a lot of blogs make the mistake of thinking it’s bad to follow other Twitter accounts to keep their ratio down. But you must remember Twitter is an incredibly social platform, why will someone want to follow you if you refuse to follow them? Plus following someone on Twitter is the first step in getting them to follow you back.

One good place to find followers is to use a free tool called Tweepi, which scans the lists of accounts you follow and suggests other accounts that follow them.

Engage with Likeminded Accounts

There is a community for just about everything on Twitter so it makes sense for you to find people who are interested in your blog topic and engage with them. For instance, if you want to blog about restaurants and food in your area, you should follow and chat with fellow food bloggers and the accounts of local restaurants as these people will likely read your blog posts and retweet your posts to their customers and readers.

Keep it Fun

The most important piece of advice when trying to build a Twitter following is to remember not to take Twitter too seriously. Social media is meant to be easy going and fun. Take the time to engage with whatever’s viral at the moment and remember to chat with as many people as you can. You’ll find your following and your readership will grow all while you’re having fun online.

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This post has been written by Pulkit Juneja, a tech savvy guy who loves to write content on latest technology news, gadgets reviews, SEO, blogging tricks and much more. Check out his another technology website Versed Tech. Connect with him at Twitter and Google Plus. Want to publish your posts here? Email me at


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  1. Arpan Shah

    May 07. 2016

    Hi Pulkit,

    I really liked your article but I think you can add few more points in article to increase twitter followers like :

    Use proper hash tag

    Try Using twitter handle in your email signature

    Research has shown that Tweets with photos get 313% more engagement. So try to tweet with relevant image.

    Get engaged with influencers.

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  2. Adam Joshua Clarke

    May 20. 2016

    I tweeted you and followed you because I could find your twitter account on your post about getting more followers. That’s exactly one strategy that works that you left out and I think is really powerful. So is having your own hashtags if you can make them popular and for a good reason.

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  3. Jatin Arora

    Jun 04. 2016

    Hi Pulkit,

    I really liked your article. But i have one question. There are some websites in the market which gives free twitter followers.
    What if we use those websites to increase our followers?
    Is it bad for our website?


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  4. Devesh

    Jul 09. 2016

    Thanks Pulkit, it’s very useful your article…. your suggestion following others is best to increase numbers of followers

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  5. Raghu Rao

    Mar 10. 2017

    Amazing post Pulkit, Twitter can be very instrumental in promoting a blog or a brand and I have always found building an audience or following on Twitter rather tedious. But thanks to you, I have a fair understanding of what to do now. Thanks or the share!

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