How To Type Accented Characters or Letters In Blackberry Such As Ñ

Are you having a hard time how to type accented characters or letters like “ñ” when composing an email or SMS from your Blackberry? Then you don’t have to worry, the steps to type or use the accented characters or letters with ~, ‘,`, and many other more isn’t that really hard. Blackberry’s using a QWERTY keyboard so these accented characters or letters are not readily available nor visible in your keypad.  But there’s a trick for you to be able to use it. :). This Latin letter is not available even if you select or press your Blackberry Option -> Show Symbols. Unfortunately, Blackberry does not support almost all áccéntéd (á é í ó ú ñ ç) and special characters commonly found in other languages such as Spanish and French.

So where can it be found and how can I use this for specific word or if I need to use it? For “ñ”, just PRESS the letter “N” and while pressing the key, use your roller/trackball and roll it up/down. You’ll see that your “N” can change to “ñ”.

I hope this helps.

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    really great article and like this phone too.

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