How to Install Multiple (COC) Clash Of Clans On Android Tablet

Clash of Clans on Android tablet is so much fun than playing it on your typical smartphone or even on iPhone 5s which only sports at least 4-inch (diagonal) Retina display. Everything is feels better and bigger is you play the most popular game app Clash of Clans on Android tablet or even on Apple iPad. But of course, here’s one typical scenario that is more likely to happen especially during gatherings – sharing of devices like tablets. So, what if one or more of your friends or relatives wanted to play or boast his Clash of Clans (COC) but you only have one device, one Android tablet? What are you going to do next? For those who have been with this popular and one of the highest grossing apps, Clash of Clans are one of those games where it binds the user’s or owner’s account to the game – one device, one Google Play store account, one Clash of Clans account. And if you log out your Google Play account from the device, by then others can use it – but isn’t it a little bit tedious and time consuming? Another scenario is what if you own more than one Clash of clans which you have created from different Android devices and you want to consolidate them all and play it on one single device? Don’t worry it is very possible to play Clash of Clans on Android tablet with multiple accounts.

How to Install Multiple (COC) Clash Of Clans On Android Tablet


So here we are now and we’re going to show you how to install multiple COC or Clash of Clans on Android tablet. Yes, you can do this on Android tablet. 🙂

For those who does not know yet you can create multiple accounts on your tablet if you are now in Jelly Bean.  If your Android tablet operating system version is now sporting Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or above then all you have to do is add your other existing Google or GMAIL account you are using for playing Clash Of Clans unto the Android tablet. The steps below have been taken and tested on Nexus 7 Android tablet with Android 4.4.3 KitKat operating system.

Simple steps on how to install multiple Clash of Clans on Android Tablet

1. On your Android tablet Home, go to Settings
2. Tap on Users
3. Then tap on Add user or profile option
4. On the pop-up, select and tap on User (the other option is Restricted Profile)
5. Then confirm to add a new user by tapping on OK
6. The succeeding steps will require the new added user to setup a new profile on the Android tablet device.

MAKE sure that there is enough memory/disk space for the new user.

7. Upon confirming that you are about to create a new user or profile, you will be brought back to the main Window and show you a blank profile. Select and tap to that new profile to start creating the new account.

You will need a new Google account to add the new profile. Or if you have already an existing one from your other device you can use it to add in the Android tablet.

8. Sign-in using your Google or GMAIL account.
9. Follow the instructions to complete the setup
10. After you have completed the setup, you may now download Clash of Clans from Google Play.

VIOLA! You now have multiple Clash of Clans on Android tablet device. And if you still have an issue creating a new profile or adding a new user on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean device then you can also check Android Police article where Multiple User Accounts have been one of the highlights of Android 4.2.

I have written an updated tips/tricks published on how you can have Clash of Clans multiple accounts in one device. You can check it on BugThinking.

Go ahead, try it and let us know how it goes!

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Arsie also known as RC, professionally, is a Software Test Engineer (STE) from an outsourcing company based here in the Philippines. At the same time, he is also a freelancer tech blogger who writes any news, updates, current events, tricks, tips, and even reviews in the world of Information Technology. You can contact Arsie through our Eyes4Tech Contact page. Or you can also follow his updates on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


25 Responses to “How to Install Multiple (COC) Clash Of Clans On Android Tablet”

  1. Vivek Sharma

    Sep 19. 2014

    You dont need another profile for it to work.

    Just got to setting -> Accounts -> Add second Google account on which your second COC Base is.

    Then Open COC and your first account will load.

    Goto COC Settings, disconnect Google Account. Click same button again to connect to google account.

    The list will have your new account listed.

    Select it.

    Type CONFIRM.

    There you have your second base running on same device.

    Do this everytime to swap bases.

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    • haider

      Nov 02. 2014

      This don’t work I always go on disconnect and connect and click my other gmail account and it don’t Swy type confirm? I am confused help pls

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    • Arthur

      Dec 24. 2014

      I cant switch back after i type confirm. I have to uninstall and reinstall Coc

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    • Sir Bill

      Dec 27. 2014

      Works great on all my devices. Can now play mine and wife’s accounts from my phone or her tablet and vice versa.

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  2. haider

    Nov 02. 2014

    When I go disconnect and then flick the one account I wanna go on and I click it never says type confirm

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  3. Mark

    Dec 07. 2014

    Got settings app management then delete app data open doc log in to other acc you added so simple

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  4. Vivek Sharma

    Dec 30. 2014

    You have to type “CONFIRM” (without quotes, in CAPITALS).
    Confirm, confirm, ConFIrm… or something else will not enable the Accept button.

    Hope it helps.

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  5. Vivek Sharma

    Dec 30. 2014

    Let me redefine the method:

    For switching between 2 accounts using Google Plus, you need 2 or more accounts configured in your device.

    1. Go to your device’s settings > Accounts > Add Google Accounts.
    — Now, add all the accounts you use to play COC.
    2. Turn on game and login with first account.
    3. Go to game settings.
    4. Disconnect.
    5. Connect again.
    — Accounts entered in step 1 will be listed.
    6. Select your 2nd account.
    7. Load Village popup will show.
    8. Click Load.
    9. Enter “CONFIRM” (without quotes, in CAPITALS) in ‘Are you sure?’ popup.
    10. Click OKAY.


    Don’t forget to say thanks if it works for you.

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    • Jean F

      Jan 20. 2015

      Thank you !!!! Your process works perfectly and just made my life very much simpler!!!! It works just as you say

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    • liron

      Apr 18. 2015

      This is not working.
      I don’t get popup of “Load Village”, where i can enter CONFIRM

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    • Jaden

      Jun 02. 2015

      I didn’t gt popup of load village. Does it word for samsung tablets?

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  6. Christian

    Jan 30. 2015

    When I go to switch to the other account and go to load the other account it tells me it will erase my village I’ve been working on for two years. Will it erase my higher village?

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  7. Bug Thinker

    Feb 11. 2015

    I think there is another way to play Clash of Clans with multiple users. I will try it first and share with everybody.
    Bug Thinker recently posted…HostGator: First Impression Before Migrating to Virtual Hosting ServerMy Profile

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  8. emilio

    Feb 24. 2015

    This does not work for me either I see the new acc and select it but it doesnt go to connected, load a new villiage, or prompt me to CONFIRM anything

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  9. Bug Thinker

    Feb 24. 2015

    Hi Emilio, have you checked my last update below the article? I have an updated article that will give you a way to play Clash of Clans with multiple accounts in one device.
    Bug Thinker recently posted…Best Guitar Tuning App For Android, IOS, and Windows PhoneMy Profile

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  10. MIKE

    May 05. 2015

    OMG it says if you type CONFIRM it will delete your vilage and replace with the other one.. i dont want to take the risk! what if my village get deleted?

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  11. alex

    May 12. 2015

    It does because i did it and it deleted it ugghh

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  12. Mike

    Jun 11. 2015

    I have two kids, each with their own tablet. How do I get them to each be able to have their own village? When I loaded COC onto second tablet, it was the first son’s village…

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  13. RL

    Jul 03. 2015

    Bug Thinkers article worked perfectly on either my android cell an Optimus L70 or my cheap RCA tablet or even on Bluestacks app player. I tested both methods of deleting the game data each time for each account I wanted to use or while in the game already deleting the account and reopening another account and I had no problem whats so ever. Its not really that hard to understand. All your doing in your settings on either a cell or tablet or bluestacks is adding an existing google account for clash. Then, using either method to play multiple clash accounts. Easy as that really. Now, I get asked how to do it and I just pass the knowledge on. Thanks Bug Thinker.

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  14. martealpha

    Jul 05. 2015

    how about having 2 coc app in 1 profile…. dont like to switch account with 1 cocapp… what i mean… i want 2 coc app, each is sync with the account and having notification to my system… juslike… from coc1,oh chiefur runnin out of shied… then the coc2, your vill. attackin by blablabla… that thing…

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  15. Woo

    Jul 10. 2015

    When I choose the account and type CONFIRM the “okay” box is greyed out so I can’t click on it. Any ideas on why this might be?

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  16. Lance

    Jun 14. 2016

    Hi Arsie, by following your post guidelines is there any chance that my phone can get corrupt? How to recover then?

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  17. jitendra Singh

    Jan 22. 2017

    yeahh this method is really working on android devices. thanks for this guide.

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  18. Myapkreview

    Mar 22. 2017

    Thank you very much for your guide. It is working, I just go through all the steps and it will help me to run two coc accounts on one device.

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