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Buzzing News: iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S III – Will Be Waterproofed!

One of the unwanted accidents you don’t want to happen unto your device is when you unintentionally dropped your phone in a tub, sink or on any place where there is water or liquid. And you just wished that your device is less susceptible from water or moisture damage – meaning waterproofed. There’s a wild rumor from a reliable source of iPhone’s Today saying that the next iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III will be coated with a material that makes these devices repel water contacts.  This material or coating is from LIQUIPEL and will make these devices waterproofed.  If you think that this is a new casing for your iPhone 5 and/or Samsung Galaxy S III then I am sorry to disappoint you because it’s not.  LIQUIPEL technology, if added will be an additional coating that will protect your device’s inside and outside components.

HTC Thunderbolt 4G Test With LIQUIPEL

Below is LIQUIPEL’s video clip last year where they test their product on HTC Thunderbolt 4G coated with LIQUIPEL substance.

[Source: iPhone’s Today]

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