iPhone Spy App: Changing Deception Point to Vantage Point!

If you have a continuous itch about being cheated by your kids or employees, you can cleverly turn tables around and use to tour advantage. If you suspect inappropriate usage of the smartphones you got your kids and issued to your staff, then those very smartphones to keep you posted on their mobile using habits and whereabouts. An iPhone spy app like Stealthmate is all you need to change that deception point into your vantage point!


Why Trust a Spy App?
Getting to know what your kid or employee or both are up to behind you can be daunting but not when you have learnt to use a iPhone spy app. This one application that you could install on iPhone secretly can get you all target phone usage stats and whereabouts forma safe distance from the target phone so your kids and employees have no way of finding out about the whole spying affair.

Making a Safe Choice:
But still caution is to be exercised and you need to be very sure that the app you chose will not give away any clue leading to you. For that be very careful about the selection. Itcould be an option as I found it really helpful and innovative. I was actually surprised to know that this is the only iPhone spy app for iPhone 5 and iOS 6. So spying on any iPhone gets super easy.

The Goodies:
Despite the unfaltering secrecy, you could even do a number of tricks to know what your kids and employees do. This could benefit it in variety of ways according to your spying needs. The features that set it apart from other such apps are:

  • Recording phone surroundings
  • Instant alerts on suspicious words and unwanted contacts
  • SIM change alerts
  • WhatsApp and iMessage chat logs
  • Gmail and other email logging

What’s Your Choice?

So what have you decide? Continue to be fooled by your kids and employees or do something about and fix the issue of deceit and deception for once and for all? iPhone spy app will let you ensure your kids are safe and out of danger and so is your business- so make a smart choice!


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