Meet The New Face Of Google Calculator

Yes my dear friends, Google made another major face lift with their Google Calculator.  Even kids can now solve their simple math questions and Google will provide them the answer with the new calculator interface. The Google calculator interface is not just a simple and ordinary type of virtual calculator, it is almost a complete set with functions that you might need for your Algebra subjects – indeed a real virtual scientific calculator.  It’s a 5×7 or 35 buttons virtual calculator.  From a simple math into a more complex arithmetic problems, you will find this Google Calculator very handy. You don’t have to go far from your desk just to do your math.  Here’s an example screenshot of a simple mathematical problem.

Google Virtual Calculator

Google Conversion

I guess what Google wants to achieve here is to provide all their users what exactly they really need, the most relevant if not exact answers for each queries and in a more fun way.

Go ahead and try it, just go to and do some queries.

Type the words you are looking for here.

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  1. Mahesh Verma

    Jul 27. 2012

    Awesome programing and designing very nice google keep it up 🙂

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