Geophysical Imaging Services in Technology World

Geophysical imagery is used for viewing sub-surface structures. There are several branches of geophysical imagery, including electrical resistivity tomography, seismo-electromagnetics, ... Continue Reading →

How To Turn Off Cellular Data on iPhone 4s iOS 7 and Lower

You are reading this article because you are among of those mobile users who wanted to know how to turn off cellular data on iPhone 4S or any iPhone handsets – right? This is ... Continue Reading →

How to Make a Power Outage Controllable

Sitting at home in the dark is not what you want when there has been a blackout. A power cut is manageable; just follow the 10 tips in this article. Sometimes it can be days before ... Continue Reading →

How to Easily Add Instagram Style Effects to your Photos

We all love to capture the special moments of our life but not all of us are blessed with the perfect sense of photography. But now we don’t have to worry about whether the light ... Continue Reading →

Dowload Free XMLSpy Alternative Software Editor

Why do you need to buy and spend hundreds of dollars when you can download free XMLSpy alternative software from the Internet? There’s no doubt that Altova’s free XMLSpy ... Continue Reading →

Some Tips in Keeping your software systems healthy

Every company relies on software, and it is a full-time requirement to keep all systems running smoothly from day to day. The chances are that your company also has to keep track of ... Continue Reading →
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