Major Satellite Mobile Networks: Understanding the Differences

When you need to rent or purchase a satellite phone, you might be surprised by the number of networks and devices you have to choose from. Much like cell phones, you have a choice of ... Continue Reading →

Two quick tips to run multiple Skype windows or sessions

Two Quick Tips To Run Multiple Skype Sessions Simultaneously

Why would someone want to run multiple Skype windows or sessions in one PC? I am guessing that will be your most probable question or maybe not. The point you are reading this post ... Continue Reading →

Four Android Smartphone Apps that Every Blogger Should Have

As technology moves even further, it manages to provide more and more features to the average user. Surfing online from a mobile device may have sounded like a dream 10 years ago, but ... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Accessories That You Will Need In Your Startup Office

The commercial world has been observing the shift from various platforms for the time it was evolved. Right from the offline platform to the online and now from regular offices to the ... Continue Reading →

Benefits and Importance of Having Mobile Compatible Websites!

It may so happen that if someone is looking at your website he or she may do so from an iPhone, iPad or from any other mobile device like a smartphone or PDA. Reports and surveys suggest ... Continue Reading →

VoIP Technology is Changing the Way Businesses Communicate

With today’s advances in technology, an increasing percentage of businesses are able to operate on an international level. While in the past the cost of international communication ... Continue Reading →
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