Sixth Generation iPhone 5 From T-Mobile

T-Mobile UK Offers Sixth Generation iPhone 5 Pre-Orders For £36

T-Mobile UK recently announced from their website the availability of Apple’s sixth generation iPhone 5 which was unveiled last week, September 12,  in the Apple event. One of ... Continue Reading →

Tips For Choosing A Smartphone

5 Essential Tips For Choosing A Smartphone

A couple of years ago, buying a mobile phone was easier. Since there are only a few features to consider, it doesn’t take that long before getting a mobile phone that will do well ... Continue Reading →
Sixth Generation iPhone 5

Apple Sixth Generation iPhone 5 Released And Now Almost Gone

Have you already placed your pre-order of Apple’s sixth generation iPhone 5 from your nearest iPhone 5 distributor or retailer or even online? If not, then I suggest that you ... Continue Reading →
BLU Products VIVO 4.3

The Best Smartphones You Have Never Heard Of Before

Though the smartphones produced by the top tier of mobile phones manufacturers – we’re talking Apple, Samsung, Nokia and the like – might be reassuring to customers who don’t ... Continue Reading →
Apple Store Now On Maintenance For iPhone 5

Apple Store Now Under Maintenance Prepping For iPhone 5 And Other New Products

If you happen to drop by Apple Store ( right at this moment, you will notice that they are doing some updating on their online store.  You will see the rotating message ... Continue Reading →
HTML5 VS Flash

Flash vs HTML5 For Online Gaming

When Flash, which was created by Jonathan Gay for Adobe, was rejected by Apple in favour of the HTML5 platform it seemed a strange move on the part of the latter company. Apple and ... Continue Reading →