Apple iPhone

Latest Report: Apple iPhone 5 Release Date On August 07

When will be the new Apple iPhone 5 release date?  I am pretty sure that I am not the only person asking this question. We’re almost done with this year’s first half and ... Continue Reading →

LogMeIn Central Access Computer Remotely

How To Access Computer Remotely Behind Firewall

In my line of work, the need to access computer remotely is a must.  It’s not a choice but a must and I am not only talking about one computer here but servers and computers from ... Continue Reading →
Lost Cell Phone Can Be Easily Tracked

Why Monitoring Apps Are Beneficiary for Smartphone Users?

Monitoring apps for a smartphone keeps an eye on the various activities that the user does on the phone at any point of time from a remote location. So, one can conclude that such an ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy S III Melted Down

Truth About Samsung Galaxy S III’s Melt Down – User Error?

Samsung Galaxy S III is indeed hot and becoming more popular each day, not only in the U.S. but worldwide but two weeks ago it was taken literally. The image below shows the controversial ... Continue Reading →
Apple iPad

Apple To Release iPad Mini By October – Same As With iPhone 5

iPad mini and iPhone 5, will be released sometime in October. And it looks like that the rumors are getting stronger everyday about these two new Apple iDevices.  According to the ... Continue Reading →
Twitter Autocomplete Search Update

Twitter Gets Updated – Simpler and Faster Autocomplete Search

Twitter, the most popular and known online microblog and social networking website announced the release of their latest innovations – Autocomplete search and “People you ... Continue Reading →