Samsung UHS-1 microSD Cards

Samsung Releases UHS-1 microSD Memory Card To Support LTE Devices

In the world of technology, the term upgrade is not something new, but it never seizes to amaze us whenever we hear or see news about it. One good example is this great news from Samsung ... Continue Reading →

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 Now Exclusive To Globe Unli Surf Combo Plan 999

After a few months since the official release of Nokia Lumia 800, it has finally landed here in the Philippines and it is solely exclusive to Globe Telecom. The aforementioned carrier ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Lumia 800

Software Upgrade For Nokia Lumia 800 To Boost Battery Life

I am now bringing some good news for all Nokia Lumia 800 users. There will be a new software update for your handsets that aims to improve the battery life of your Windows Phone.  If ... Continue Reading →
iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 Will Be Launched On June 15 WWDC – It Is A Possibility

This is the most possible release date of the next generation of iPhone – iPhone 5 – (will Tim Cook call it now “the new iPhone”?). As I’ve said, it is ... Continue Reading →
Ozaki iCoat Finger

Meet iCoat Finger: The First iPhone 4/4S Case With Stylus From Ozaki

Here’s another spotted and cool Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S case that was tipped to me by one of the official distributor here. Do you want to know what’s cool about their ... Continue Reading →
Mozilla Firefox 11

Mozilla Firefox 11.0 Update – What’s HOT and What’s NOT

Mozilla Firefox has just been updated to version 11.0.  I got a notification from my own Mozilla Firefox browser that there’s an update that is now ready for download. My Mozilla ... Continue Reading →