Apple iPad

Apple To Release iPad Mini By October – Same As With iPhone 5

iPad mini and iPhone 5, will be released sometime in October. And it looks like that the rumors are getting stronger everyday about these two new Apple iDevices.  According to the ... Continue Reading →

Twitter Autocomplete Search Update

Twitter Gets Updated – Simpler and Faster Autocomplete Search

Twitter, the most popular and known online microblog and social networking website announced the release of their latest innovations – Autocomplete search and “People you ... Continue Reading →
The Amazing Spider-Man

Gameloft The Amazing Spider-Man For iOS, Android – Download and Play!

Gameloft, one of the most popular and known 3D game creator for smartphone and tablet released their latest game last week The Amazing Spider-Man – for iOS and Android users ... Continue Reading →
Western Digital WD AV-GP

Western Digital WD AV-GP To Support MMDA Surveillance Systems

A tipster informed me that MMDA will be using Western Digital WD AV-GP to support this government agency’s surveillance systems.  Well this is a first for me. I don’t usually ... Continue Reading →
Blogging For Online Business

How Blogging Helps Your Online Business

If you are new in the world of online marketing , then per chance you are not certain whether blogging will assist you endorse your online business or not. As it makes logic to blog ... Continue Reading →
ASUS Tablet

ASUS Tablets – Will They Be The Next Big Thing?

ASUS: Will they conquer the tablet industry? A question now arises if ASUS will be the next big thing.  The rise of the popularity of tablets can be credited to the release of Apple’s ... Continue Reading →