the New iPad Smart Cover

Apple the New iPad 3 Prices In The Philippines

Finally, Apple’s the New iPad (also known as iPad 3) is officially here in the Philippines and priced by two of the official retailers and distributors of Apple products – ... Continue Reading →

Time Sheet

Best Way To Monitor Staff Productivity To Enhance Businesses

The productivity of employees plays a major role in enhancing the growth of business. The main key to staff productivity is to keep them going with a lot of motivation. Employees can ... Continue Reading →
Apple the New iPad Philippines

Apple: the New iPad 3 Available in the Philippines And Guam on May 29

It is official although quietly done by Apple, the new iPad also known as the iPad 3 will be now be landing and will be available to the Philippines and Guam this 29th of May.  Well, ... Continue Reading →
Speaktoit Assistant for iPhone

Speaktoit Assistant Android App Now Supports Spanish-Language

Speaktoit Assistant Android app gets updated and what’s new with this top Android virtual assitant – it can now speak and supports Spanish language. So for our fellow Spanish ... Continue Reading →

Why Buyers Still Prefer Blackberry? Reasons of Popularity

Blackberry has largely been regarded as one of the best smartphones in the market. However, in terms of sales, Blackberry has been lagging behind compared to iPhone and Samsung sales. ... Continue Reading →
LG Optimus LTE II

LG Optimus LTE II 2GB RAM and Maximum Battery Efficiency

LG Mobile announces their world’s first smartphone sporting a 2GB RAM for optimal LTE connectivity known as LG Optimus LTE II.  The additional 2GB DDR RAM is the main highlight ... Continue Reading →