Samsung Adverts Mocking iPhone Lovers – Featuring Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Enabled

I am not saying I am a die-hard fan of Samsung products nor an Apple iPhone hater; but I just wanted to share these advertisements with you all which was released by Samsung in the US where people were waiting in line in some Apple store for the Apple’s “next big thing”. Then their attention were caught by people passing through holding their own Samsung Galaxy S II. These advertisements, admittedly may have looked like a little bit exaggerated and the same sentiments goes to all of the guys out there who are so into Apple products. But what do you expect, it’s an advertisement and it is a way for the company, Samsung for this instance, to flaunt and exaggerate everything they have – as long as they’re factual and true features. It’s their own way to campaign their products and win the heart and interest of almost all of the end-users or consumers.

Samsung Galaxy S ii Teaser

Well, going back to the funny and exaggerated advertisements from Samsung, here are some of them.  check them out.

Would you settle and invest for Samsung Galaxy S II or you still want to stick with your iPhone – think of 4G? 🙂

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