Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked Photos

Early this week Samsung Mobile unveiled that they will be holding an important event on May 3, 2012 and the anticipation from all tech-consumers is that Samsung Galaxy S III will be launched on the said event. And in accordance to that report, leaked photos of how will be the next Samsung Galaxy S III would look like has been revealed to us by Gizmodo. The photos are not that clear but they are enough for you to take a quick peek to see if it matches your expectations.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Image Courtesy of Gizmodo

As of writing this, all those technical specifications spreading over the Internet about Samsung Galaxy S III which will be the next flagship smartphone from Samsung Mobile are rumors. Some of them could be true with basis while some could be baseless and nothing but a plain “rumor”. But this latest information, it is possible that this can be the next Samsung Galaxy S III, well that’s what Gizmodo would like to feel and they are confident about it.  According to their source, the next Samsung Galaxy S III aside from being thinner it’s quite heavier than its predecessor.  But it sports a 12MP camera (I assume its the rear-facing camera…).  And the model name is Samsung GT-I9300.

The Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 launching is just a few weeks from now and hopefully on this day we’ll all finally see the controversial match for the next iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S III.

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