Watch Out For The Next Samsung Galaxy S IV On February 2013

Watch Out For The Next Samsung Galaxy S IV On February 2013

Yes folks, it has been almost 3 quarters now since the birth of Samsung Galaxy S III and now there are reports that the next Samsung Galaxy S IV will be revealed on the next Mobile ... Continue Reading →
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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Users Will Enjoy Global Roaming

Verizon announces that they will be releasing soon their latest update via over-the-air (OTA) that includes the ability of their 4G LTE subscribers to enjoy global roaming – and ... Continue Reading →
Wi-Tribe Post Paid Plan 998

Review: Wi-Tribe Plan 998 2Mbps Five Days Speed Test Drive

MANILA Philippines (GMT+8) – Don’t take me wrong about posting this Wi-Tribe speed test review if in the end of this article I’d become too obvious and too biased. ... Continue Reading →

Globe Telecom, HUAWEI, & Alcatel-Lucent Joined Forces For Globe Network Modernization

Who said that SMART will be the only one who’s getting 4G LTE upgrade? Wait until you hear the latest news from Globe Telecom’s Network Modernization plans. I received an ... Continue Reading →
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Samsung Adverts Mocking iPhone Lovers – Featuring Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Enabled

I am not saying I am a die-hard fan of Samsung products nor an Apple iPhone hater; but I just wanted to share these advertisements with you all which was released by Samsung in the ... Continue Reading →