Legendary Heroes

Download Legendary Heroes For Android (Game Review)

A new RPG (role playing game) has just been released by Maya Games and it is called Legendary Heroes for Android. The game is actually not new for most RPG players since Legendary Heroes ... Continue Reading →
Pinoy Henyo Android Game App

Pinoy Henyo Free Android Game App Gets Updated

I don’t know about you guys but according to my incoming web traffic analytics and from the Android Market’s Top Free App – Pinoy Henyo Teamup Game Word is still on ... Continue Reading →
Angry Frogs

Download Angry Frogs For iPhone And iPad For Free – Angry Birds VS Angry Frogs?

Whoa! Angry Frogs in the wild, out to destroy all evil snakes. I spotted this new game for iPhone and iPad which was released in Apple App Store last week but the game is not necessarily ... Continue Reading →