After Instagram Facebook’s Latest Acquisition Face.com For $60M

After the recent and successful acquisition of Facebook for the most popular front-end camera app Instagram known to iOS and Android, now comes Face.com. According to the reports, one ... Continue Reading →
Protect Facebook

How to Strengthen Your Facebook Security from Being Hacked

There is probably not a single person left in the world that does not have a profile or does not know about Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites across ... Continue Reading →
Facebook App Center

Facebook App Center Launches – A BIG Advantage For Developers

Facebook recently announced and introduced their soon to be launched “Facebook App Center” which will first and foremost consolidate all applications (Web, iOS, and Android ... Continue Reading →
Social media account security measures

How To Protect Your Facebook Account – Security Measures Is A Must

Facebook security measures With any popular site, there are going to be visitors who do not have the best intentions. This is particularly true of Twitter and Facebook, because social ... Continue Reading →
Facebook For Android ver 1.8.3

Download Facebook For Android Update (ver.1.8.3)

Facebook for Android pushed another update and now the latest version in the Android Market is ver. 1.8.3, the availability still depends on your device if this version is compatible ... Continue Reading →
Remove Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline Removal Or Uninstall Scam On The Loose – BEWARE

Facebook Timeline – some users loved it, some just wanted to be updated but there are still some who hated this change so much and wanted to removed it after seeing its effect ... Continue Reading →
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