Facebook Profile ID

How To Find Facebook ID Profile Number

If you are looking to the quickest way how to find your Facebook ID profile number then you are in the correct page. Facebook profile URLs have changed now to their own vanity links ... Continue Reading →
Facebook Timeline

How To Disable Facebook Timeline On Chrome, Firefox and Safari Web Browser

I see Facebook users, some were my friends and some were acquaintances, who doesn’t like the latest Facebook Timeline update from the said social-networking company and are now ... Continue Reading →
Facebook Messenger For Windows - Chatting

Download Facebook Messenger For Windows – Another New From Facebook

Facebook now launches their latest and new Messenger app for Windows after it became so popular on iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. This Facebook application is still on BETA ... Continue Reading →
Facebook Logout

How To Log Out From Facebook Android Application

“How to log out from Facebook on Android devices?” This is not something new but there are still some friends of mine who just got their own Android smartphone and downloaded ... Continue Reading →
Facebook is paid to deliver Ads

Facebook Actively Asking Users To Advertise With Them To Keep Facebook FREE

If you haven’t noticed it yet, it looks like Facebook is now actively asking users of their social-networking site to advertise with them. Well, they bluntly state the main reason ... Continue Reading →
Download Facebook for iPhone v4.1

Download Facebook for iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch, iOS v4.1 Includes Mobile Timeline

Finally, Facebook for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and , iPod Touch) gets the latest update since October 2011. The last Facebook for iPhone or iOS devices was released last 25th ... Continue Reading →
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