Top 4 Tablets that Fit your Lifestyle

Are you in the market for a new tablet, or thinking about buying one for someone for the upcoming holiday season? I am, which got me to thinking of which of the best tablets on the ... Continue Reading →
iPad vs iPad mini

Comparision Between iPad and iPad mini

Apple has always been at the forefront of innovative design in the field of computer development. Their products are characterised by stylish design and compactness. Tablets are personal ... Continue Reading →
ASUS Tablet

ASUS Tablets – Will They Be The Next Big Thing?

ASUS: Will they conquer the tablet industry? A question now arises if ASUS will be the next big thing.  The rise of the popularity of tablets can be credited to the release of Apple’s ... Continue Reading →

The Top Most Great Travel Apps For iPad

Cox communications is one of the most famous communications companies that support networking across America. According to statistics eight apps have become the most successful travel ... Continue Reading →
MyPad For iPad

MyPad For iPad Will Be Updated Soon

It’s been a while since I saw an official update of MyPad for iPad and finally the developers from MyPad (from Facebook) made an official statement that the new update of MyPad ... Continue Reading →
Boxwave Keyboard Buddy

Ways How To Accessorize your iPhone and iPad

There are a host of additional gadgets you can now get to turn your iPhone and iPad into an all round ultra media centre, or protect it from the wears and tears of modern living. As ... Continue Reading →
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