Party Flippo

Download Party Flippo’ Team-up Word Guessing Game For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

There’s a new cool team-up word guessing game app around the corner and it is called Party Flippo’ – a “Pinoy Henyo”-like game for iPhone, iPod Touch, ... Continue Reading →
Are You The BrightTest Android Game

Where To Download Pinoy Henyo For Android Now? Meet “Are you the brighTTest?”

Exclusive! Fresh and hot!  I got a report yesterday from one of my readers that the download link of Pinoy Henyo for Android is no longer and it doesn’t exist anymore in the ... Continue Reading →
iHenyo - Apple Pinoy Henyo

Pinoy Henyo for iPad and iPad2 iHenyo Game App

Are you looking for Pinoy Henyo for iPad devices? Finally, the famous Pinoy Henyo game popularized by Eat Bulaga Pinoy Henyo is now available for iPad and/or iPad 2. The Apple game ... Continue Reading →
iOS Developer Program

Are You Looking For Pinoy Henyo App For iPhone and iPad?

For the last couple of days since I posted this great certified Pinoy Android App – Pinoy Henyo – I have been receiving lots of reports and questions like, “Is there ... Continue Reading →
Pinoy Henyo Android Game App

Pinoy Henyo Free Android Game App Gets Updated

I don’t know about you guys but according to my incoming web traffic analytics and from the Android Market’s Top Free App – Pinoy Henyo Teamup Game Word is still on ... Continue Reading →
Pinoy Henyo Android Game App

Pinoy Henyo (Teamup Word Game) – Top Free Game Android App

Heya DABARKADS! If you’re an avid viewer of the most popular noon time show Eat Bulaga then “Pinoy Henyo” is not something new to you. But I am not here to discuss ... Continue Reading →