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The Advantages of Outsourcing Java Development

Outsourcing has become popular in the software development sector due to pressure from the market to reduce development costs. Well qualified programmers are hard to find in the United States. This lack of professionals leads to a spike in price. India has traditionally been the country of choice when outsourcing in this field. But the Ukraine is emerging as a low-cost site for high-quality software development.


With the breakdown of the Soviet Union, many sectors in the economy experienced a crisis. Ukraine’s software sector was not one of them. Due to its past, the Ukraine had a slow start. Up until the 80s, the software sector was underdeveloped. Resources were only used for military and scientific purposes. Software and computer resources had little applicability in civilian life and commercial use was unheard of. Commercialization of this sector was not developed until 1991. Then, Ukraine suffered brain drain when its specialists and programmers immigrated to western countries like the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

Despite this history, Ukraine has managed to pull ahead in recent years. Ukrainian students and school programming teams began to emerge as a worthy competitor in international competitions. They slowly started to become recognized as top ranking certified professionals. One advantage of Ukrainian programmers is that students receive a wide-ranging education in fundamental, IT-related fields. This more general but fundamental base of knowledge allows these individuals to master many technologies quickly. Other countries provide a more focused and specialized education in IT-related fields. When problems arise outside their scope of knowledge, they are unable to problem-solve.


Outsourcing to reliable IT partners gives companies a competitive advantage. The Ukraine’s rapidly growing economy, strong educational system and low rates for services make it an ideal site for outsourcing Java development services. Technologists from Ukraine have a long history of working in the technology field. The country has a commitment to the IT industry. Children are taught math and science from an early age and the government is completely behind the industry.

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