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Twitter For Android UI Gets More Smoother and Sleeker – Download It Now!

If you haven’t downloaded or even updated your Twitter for Android since yesterday then you’re missing the latest user-interface (UI) design of this web-based micro-blogging application. Actually, it’s not only the application that changed, if you go to Twitter’s official website right now, the first thing that you’ll notice is it’s design – total overhaul of it’s UI design. I was supposed to share this update with you last night but I was so tired from work and never had the chance to post this. And so, I will give you an overview of what’s with the latest version of Twitter for Android.  The image below is the new face of Twitter on your browser – pretty much you’ll now get the idea of how the Twitter for Android looks like now.

Twitter Website Gets Overhauled As Well
This is the new face of Twitter On Your Browser

Twitter for Android (Twitter For Android ver.3.0.0) truly overhauled their UI design for Android-based devices (slated tablets and smartphones alike).  I actually installed this on my friend’s Samsung Galaxy Tab and on my own Samsung Galaxy S II; so far all I can say is that this is the best design they have come up – much faster, smoother and sleeker – as compared to their previous releases.  Here are some screenshot I captured upon updating my Twitter for Android application from Android Market.
Updating my Twitter appUpdating In progressTwitter For Android ver3.0.0Twitter For Android Version 3.0.0

LoginHomeNew Tab Named ConnectNew Tab named DiscoverMe is your ProfilePosting My Tweet

Well, that’s basically it. I am still exploring this latest update and will be updating this post for any new things or even bugs that I might find.

Download Twitter for Android version 3.0.0

Enjoy! And if you want to get my latest update you can follow my tweets – @eyesfortech.


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